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Sad day.

We're moving from Podomatic's wonderful site to Talk Shoe, for the reasons explained in this podcast.

With Gary and Oro.

This site will run for another two months from this posting, just to catch any latecomers and dead link followers.

Thank you podomatic. If we ever decide there's money to be made with this service, we'll be back :) But for now, please visit http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/97019 and subscribe to the LFTO Shizno from there. Thanks for following thus far, and we hope you continue to do so!


This week on the LFTO Shizno: Rooster Teeth release the trailer for Season 9 of Red vs. Blue, which reveals the season is a prequel telling the story (or stories) of Project Freelancer. The Shizno crew discuss with theoretical insanity.

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YES! The LFTO Shizno is back!

We're going to be digging even deeper into Rooster Teeth's "Red vs Blue" this year, purely because we're older and fatter, and gravity being what it is, deeper digging is a natural consequence.

This season starts off with a teaser. Following a privileged interview with Burnie Burns, Oro has put together a short wishlist of comments from that interview, and a couple from episodes 2-4 of last season's Shizno, in the hope that these issues might be covered in the trailer. So BE WARNED! There may be historical spoilers*!

Starring Mesk, Miss Zahrah, Rane0, Daft Prodigy, Kyrianne, Burnie, The Recreator, Oro and Gary, featuring a cello solo from LinaMCaboose. Enjoy!

* There are also musical spoilers. It spoiled everything.